Monday, June 7, 2010

Modeling and Photography Day!!!!

So yesterday my friend Jess and I did a couple of fun photoshoots at my place. I've been friends with Jess since the 4th grade and even since we were little we would team up on all kinds of creative projects. They were a lot weirder though back then I promise you. We tried to invent a cleaning solution for my mom among other weird and bizarre things. But anyway, haha, Jess does alt modeling and I love taking fun photography and would love to practice more. The first one we did was a cute white and blue themed shoot in my dining room.....
She is wearing a necklace that I made in this one. Finally have a picture to post of it and it looks awesome on her :)

this is a favorite

The second shoot we did was in my kitchen. The dress Jess is wearing is from when we went thrift store shopping a couple weeks ago. This was kind of a joking play on the whole trashy, desperate housewife image that I think most of us have seen portrayed at some point or another. Her tats make this picture awesome and of course the "Bitch Bubbly" ain't bad either.

we heart tequila

There were a lot more pics to choose from (she photographs so well its easy!) but that is a pretty good sample of what we went for with the shots. I've been real busy with a lot of visitors and just stuff going on and haven't posted in awhile. I wanted to get these up asap and give you all something fun to see. :) Thanks for reading!

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