Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Mineral and Crystal Museum

I started this post way back at the end of September after my birthday but never finished. It has some sweet pictures though so better late than never! For my 27th birthday I told everyone I wanted to go on a spirit quest and the destination would undoubtedly be The House on the Rock in Wisconsin. Woohoo Wisconsin!

Like all good spirit quests though, this one had some unexpected stops along the way.On the last stretch of road to House on the Rock we passed The Mineral and Crystal Museum. We had recently started collecting rocks again when my husband brought his childhood collection back home from his parents' house. It ended up being the perfect addition to my birthday vacation.

In fact, one of my birthday presents from Matt this year was this beautiful piece of celestite.

The Mineral and Crystal Museum was awesome. It definitely solidified my new interest in geology. Here are a few pictures from our visit-

House on the Rock was amazing as well. It is absolutely one of a kind and I took a lot of pictures there too, but THAT is for another blog post ;) Thanks for reading!