Friday, January 28, 2011

Kitchen re-do!

For the last couple of weeks my dad has been remodeling our kitchen and I have been learning a lot about home improvement along the way. We have torn out a wall, ripped out my old cabinets, put in new/more lights, and closed off an entire hallway in order to add a whole new section of counter space to work on (and put a dishwasher under!)

I'm not sure if I'm more excited about all the extra storage I'll be getting when we're done or the fact that we won't have to do the dishes all by hand anymore!

There will be a bar area, built in shelving, new cabinets and all kinds of exciting features we didn't have before.
Anyway, in all my excitement I started looking at pictures of pink kitchens to get me inspired for decorating when this remodel is all done. For those who don't know already my kitchen is hot pink. Though some lovingly refer to it as "pepto bismol pink" Haha guys. You're so funny. :P

Anyway, take a look at some of these awesomely pink kitchens sure to brighten your day :)

I like this kitchen because the cabinets are similar to the white ones I'm getting. I have a white cabinet with glass doors on it going in just like the one in this picture!

Super cute apartment kitchen

Hello Kitty!

I love the pops of yellow in this retro kitchen

I think this little dining area is charming because of the built-ins to display cute kitchenware

I think sassy elegance when I look at this kitchen. ha

And I hate that we don't get to see the rest of this kitchen because it is so ecclectic and funky. I want to somehow adopt this kind of style in my own way for my house. Too coo for schoo my friends I'm tellin' you what.

Click the pics for linkbacks to the photo sources you guys and have a good one! I'll post pics of my kitchen when it is all finished :)