Saturday, May 15, 2010

My brother's b-day

I haven't posted in awhile. Sorry bout that! I haven't had any good pics of anything because the weather has been gross. Yesterday was my brother's birthday party. He turned 11. My younger cousins and Drew's friend "chocolate" (uhh, don't ask cuz I don't know, ha) came to the party. Drew is a big pokemon fan so I got him a pokedex guide. I didn't have wrapping paper so I used newpaper and decorated it with some pokemon I drew for him. Much cooler anyway I think. I took a pic of the wrap job I did because I was proud of my pokemon. haha. I also got a pic in right before he blew out the candles. Ya, I don't have the timing to get the actual candle blow out. :P Anyway, that's it for now. Check out the pics and I'll post more soon!
Gotta Draw em all! ummm, just kidding. apparently there is 493 of them now. dang. lol

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