Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spray paint my life

 It's early spring here in Iowa and I decided to use my time off in the beautiful weather wisely. On Monday I used my dad's truck (thanks dad!) to pick up a dresser from the Salvation Army. I've needed a decent size dresser for a couple years but could never find the right one (aka the right price) to refurbish. Yep, sometimes even the used dressers at The Salvation Army are outta my league. But on Monday I found a $40 beauty that would work perfect.
Once I got into the rhythm of spray painting the dresser though I kept finding more and more things to spray paint. 

 Here is my dresser mid-project. I was being a noob and forgot to take a "before" pic. I'll work on that.

And here is the finished product. 

I wasn't planning on painting the hardware initially but remembered a can of salmon pink paint I bought on clearance awhile back at the craft store.
Perfect combo.

 I'll post the results of the rest of my spray paint endeavors a bit later :)

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